All TwentySix goodness is handmade.

It started with us shopping fun prints, sewing and hand-stitching these prints for ourselves. This little adventure we took quickly caught on, and we realized the freedom we expressed resonated with the women around us.

With our prints, we want to channel a girl’s love for fashion, beauty, art and life – then make all of that into a collection. A collection of fun clothing that represents the freedom long expressed in every facet of her life.

We welcome the expressive, the evasive, and the inquisitive; the adventurous, quirky, artsy, bold – the underlying thing is we are all women.

Whether it’s a date out in town, a quiet meet-up, a live concert or simple everyday living, we are a reference-point to be who you want to be – and however you choose to be that person.

TwentySix is the woman’s guide to living free, and we are inspired by the artist that is intrinsic in every woman.

Creative Approach



We take inspiration from colour, texture, pattern – and what they translate to. We are careful in picking the prints that represent our story.



Next, our talented creatives make a decision on which design best interprets the print. Some decisions are instant (like knowing ‘The One’) while some are more experimental. This is why some of our prints are designed as skirts only while some also come as dresses. It is a process till we find what works best.



We get to work, stitching and re-sewing to fine-tune every seam. Some design decisions are also put to test at this stage; but we are never afraid to do it all again until the perfect TwentySix piece is ready for you.

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