Age of License

The collection was inspired by a graphic novel, in which the author documents her life traveling through Europe, experiencing new life and new love in what she describes as The Age of License. It’s a French saying (L’age License) that describes a time, usually early 20s when you’re young, untethered, and free.

Our collection draws into this concept that alludes to freedom, but we believe the ”Age of License” is whatever you decide and not marked by time, season, or place. We want to express through the season-less styles Of the collection and the freedom it brings the wearer to experience life as they choose.

Slide Irin-ajo Print Slide Maxi Dress in Irin-ajo Print Slide MUSTARD COTTON LAZY DRESS Slide OVERSIZED JACKET SET IN ORUN PRINT Slide NUDE-ISH ARTIST'S SET Slide LADY DRESS IN BLACK Slide Floret Dress in Orange Slide Organza print blouse Slide triple delight dress in black

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As part of exploring The Age of License, we collaborated with Artist, MOBOLAJI OGUNROSOYE to create a series of postcards, which will form part of a collectible of the collection. Through her interpretation, we see her dissect some of the images in parts to create a new unchartered whole. As you view the hidden messages, stamps, and codes on each collage, the exploration gives an opportunity to deeply observe and make your own new discoveries.

Mobolaji Ogunrosoye is a self-taught, Mixed-Media Artist born in Lagos, Nigeria. Her art practice is centered around the use of Collage and Photography to explore the self, and the impact of societal influences on personal identity and the lived experiences of being a young, Yoruba, Nigerian woman.