Edit 03: Nature Walk With Desola

By TwentySix | Comments: 0 | June 22, 2017


Location: Lekki Conservation Center, Lagos

Dress so comfy you could whip it out even on a day of adventure.  I wore this dress for an event earlier in the day, I swapped my heels for a converse and it still kicked ass!

Couldn’t pass on the chance to visit the Lekki Conversation Center for the third or fourth time, the long trail and canopy is always a good way to get your adrenaline up and enjoy nature. The monkeys gave me quite a scare  but thankful there were no bugs or worse, crocodiles in the swap.  The few shots we got from there was worth it.

Enjoy the mini video as well!

Tip: Not a place to go when it rains, we waded through wet floors and got our shoes wet. It was a mess!



Photography: ‘Pemi Aguda

Cinematography: Ademola Falomo











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