By TwentySix | Comments: 0 | October 4, 2016

”True story, Desola’s TwentySix is the first Nigerian brand I shopped. Ever. (Catch me rocking twentysix here) My parents were very skeptical about me paying money into someone’s account and hoping she’d send me a skirt, but I knew I had to have a Twentysix skirt! I’d seen them on her website at the time and they were just a breath of fresh air. Desola’s customer service is impeccable and she never hesitates to apologize and make things right if you ever encounter a problem. She’s one of the few entrepreneurs interviewed who actually spoke about the technical parts: taxes, registering your business etc. I thoroughly enjoyed this and I know you will too.”

Read the full  interview HERE

21 Questions is a biweekly interview series with Nigerian Creative Entrepreneurs by Afoma Umesi.

Originally posted on www.afomaumesi.com on 3rd July, 2017

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