Sister Friend

By TwentySix | Comments: 0 | April 12, 2019

It all started with a photo the sisters shared over the holiday. Ope and Tobi in matching dresses from TwentySix. It was reminiscent of our brand story– how we started for friends and still here with friends in mind. We let their relationship inspire us even more and now, we want to share that with


By TwentySix | Comments: 0 | September 28, 2018

  The shape of power is always the same; it is the shape of a tree. Root to tip, central trunk branching and re-branching, spreading wider in ever-thinner, searching fingers. The shape of power is the outline of a living thing straining outward, sending its fine tendrils a little further, and a little further yet.

Fashion Designer Role

By TwentySix | Comments: 0 | May 12, 2018

We are embarking on a new journey and literally hitting refresh starting with a new collection. We are looking to hire a freelance fashion designer from anywhere in the world to work with us. To join us on this new journey, share a sample of previous works or sketches of design ideas. They don’t have

Laluch x TwentySix: The Collaboration and The Artist.

By TwentySix | Comments: 0 | May 2, 2018

Part 1: The Collaboration I met Laju at an exhibition 2 years ago and we have been following her art since then.  Her works resonates so much with us, from the feminine forms in her paintings to the shapes, colors and mixed textures. The collaboration started with a conversation about how clothing is an art

Design Your Print – Colour Sheets

By TwentySix | Comments: 0 | April 28, 2018

Here is a downloadable PDF of the coloring sheets we used at POP-UP #2 Lat weekend. Enjoy xx PDF: COLOUR SHEETS   Please share and tag us when you design Your Prints!

Edit 04: Somewhere I Belong

By TwentySix | Comments: 1 | April 3, 2018

”Give me a craft strong and nimble, that will chase the waves so free, one that is a symbol of the adventurer that is me.” ”Float me out on the evening tide and I will sail the blue ocean, give me a boat and I will glide, across sea to adventures new.”     More:

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Where I Belong- A Photo STORY

By TwentySix | Comments: 0 | March 28, 2018

Credits: Model: Uzoamaka Aniunoh Photography and Production: Prince John-Akachi Creative Direction: Adesola Falomo

Playlist: Our Top Nigerian Songs about Love

By TwentySix | Comments: 0 | February 13, 2018

Highlights from our first POP-UP Shop

By TwentySix | Comments: 0 | December 11, 2017


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