Laluch x TwentySix: The Collaboration and The Artist.

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Part 1: The Collaboration

I met Laju at an exhibition 2 years ago and we have been following her art since then.  Her works resonates so much with us, from the feminine forms in her paintings to the shapes, colors and mixed textures. The collaboration started with a conversation about how clothing is an art form and what it would be like to have custom prints that illustrates that. This was followed by series of sketches, patch tests and errors, we eventually settled on final designs. Laju talks more about the technical process and  inspiration behind the designs in her interview below.

The Process

Sketch->Patch Tests->Edit-> Final sketch-> Patch Tests->Wash Test-> Final Production


Sketch Options for the ‘Zebra XN’ Dress




Part 2: The Collection



            Pineapple XPRS                                              Kiss & Tell                                                         Mixed Feelings 


         Stay WOKE                                                  Zebra XN                                                      Look At Me Now


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Part 3 : About The Artist

1. Hello! Who is Laluch and how did you come about the name?

Hey!! My name is Laju, I’m a self-taught artist under my brand called Laluch. I create paintings across mediums ranging from acrylics on canvas, to custom made art phone cases, and recently fabric painting. The name Laluch was formed as far back as year 2000. I wanted a name that sounded French, and randomly thought of “Laluch”. Since then it has been my brand name. There really wasn’t any much thought to it.

2. What made you fall in love with art and when did you start Drawing?

I started drawing at a young age, like say 10 years old. I loved watching cartoons at the time and dreamed of creating my own animation on TV. I was marvelled by the lines and colours of the animations that I would try to mimic them by creating my comic books or fashion illustrations. Drawing was quite effortless for me. So I thought to give it a shot as I grew older!

3. What do you hope to communicate with your art and how do you stay inspired and creative?

My main aim is to communicate beauty and encourage us to love our imperfect selves and thrive through tough experiences we may have gone through in the past, or are still going through. I stay inspired by following other visual artists on social media, watching YouTube Videos and learning various techniques. it’s really exciting to see how individuals create their unique art.

4. What is your outfit recipe for days you want to stay comfortable? 

A long maxi dress and sandals.

5.  What is your go-to fashion tip?
High heels pretty much changes everything, throw them on and change your entire look.

6.  How do you unwind on a weekend

Lol! Do you really want to know? I’m mostly indoors during the weekends, probably watching a true life story or comedy and eating Haribos.

7. What is your favorite piece(s) in this collection? Please tell us how you will style it?

I absolutely love the “Stay Woke” linen dress. I’d style it with a hat, flat sandals and simple earrings.

8. What was the process of creating these pieces like?

It’s pretty much straight forward but requires careful handling to avoid a messy print. First, come up with a design on paper, then create a barrier between the front side of the fabric and the back (because you wouldn’t want your design on both sides of the clothing). Finally, hand paint those designs carefully to the fabric. It requires a lot of patience in terms of the complexity of the design, paint drying time, and re-coating each design to ensure a bold print. But it’s exciting regardless.

9. What was your design inspirations?
I have a new found love for minimalist art. That guided my inspirations towards creating minimalist designs. I just love its simplicity.

10. Casual or formal?
Definitely Casual. Formal sounds like stress.

11.  Pancake or Waffles?
I love love Waffles! *** Insert happy smiley!

12. What advice would you give someone struggling to find their personal style?
I’ve been at this point in the past, and must admit that I’m still going through this process, especially with my art.
I’ve always wanted people to see my paintings and go “Hey that’s Laju’s art”. It’s been quite challenging, no doubt. However, what has helped me so far is trying out a variety of mediums such as Charcoal, Colour pencil, spray paint,
etc. You’ll never know what works perfectly for you or blows up in your face unless you try. . I’d advice someone going through this to just do you. Your style has a way of peeping through repeatedly and effortlessly without you even knowing.

13.  What is your pick-me- up routine? Self-care and outfit choices.

Outfit choices… I don’t like stress, so an oversize long dress is perfect for me. Self – care…. Don’t sleep with make up on and try to drink a lot of water daily (I’m still striving to accomplish the last one. lol)

14.  A lot of your painting, outside of these designs are centered around the feminine face, what draws you to this choice? And is it a deliberate choice, or just something you found yourself doing over and over again? 

I unconsciously painted feminine faces time and time again that it became my thing. I find it easier to draw curved bodies and facial structures. I also find their stories easier to relate with, possibly because I’m a woman myself. However, I hope to include some form of masculine art at some point to appeal to a wider audience.

15. What future project are you excited about?
I’m currently in the process of developing a mini collection of artworks with a theme on embracing ones’ uniqueness. It will unfold as time goes on. Watch my space! I also might be going digital…. Let’s see how it goes.

16.  What other Nigerian artists are you telling everyone about these days, whose works excite you?

Gosh! There are so many of them. I am a huge Joseph Eze and Ojo Aji Fan.

17.  How much of fashion do you think is art, and vice versa? Can they be separated? Do you think putting an outfit together is a form of art?

I think fashion or putting together an outfit is a form of art. There are a lot of artistic expressions that go into designing each clothing and defining the fashion style, or determining what accessories to pair with each clothing. This is quite similar to creating art itself (In terms of choosing the theme, colour, medium, etc.). On the other hand, not all types of art illustrate fashion. It would be difficult to determine how much of art is fashion. I also feel that both fashion and art complement one another and can’t be completely separated.

We are so thrilled about this collection and we are already working on future designs! Please tell us your favorite and shop the collection HERE

You can see more of Laju’s Work and catch up with her HERE


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