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By TwentySix | Comments: 12 | March 29, 2016

We at TwentySix are inspired by our vast history and so when we had the opportunity to shoot our newest lookbook at a treasure trove of this history, we grabbed it up as fast as we could. Our prints have characters: sassy, bold, swanky, quirky – and so we wanted our location to be one that held as much character as our prints. We found it in The Jaekel House Museum in Nigerian Railway Corporation Compound.

The Jaekel House Museum is a restored classic colonial mansion, located within the grounds of the Nigerian Railway Corporaton, Ebute-Metta, Lagos. Jeakel House was named after late Francis Jaekel, a former superintendent of the Corporation, who retired in the seventies after almost thirty years of service and later wrote a three –volume history of the  Nigerian railways, which was published in 1998. It is now a mini Museum and photo exhibition celebrating the prime of the Nigerian Railway Corporation during colonial times.

This shoot was filled with nostalgia as we were led by Legacy (the historical, environmental and heritage interest group who did the restoration) around the grounds and defunct tracks of the Railway Compound and caught glimpses into the country’s colonial past and the beauty and craftsmanship of the buildings that were representative of this era.

There is a beautiful aesthetic to a place that has been around for a long long time and this is what we hoped to capture in the contrast with our new prints that brought in a renewed colour and energy to the space in shades of green, blue and gold. In our new collection, we’ve gone more vibrant, more colourful, more playful. We hope the colours and patterns invigorate your style and wardrobe to add that extra swing to your step.

In the Spirit of the the new and renewed, we also worked with Nigerian art & lifestyle brand, AtelierNOYAKA to bring you a small range of material + style that is removed from what you’re used to. TwentySix has worked with AtelierNOYAKA before and it was an easy pleasurable process to do it again. Artsy, bold and flirty – we’re bringing diversity to TwentySix with this collaboration.

TwentySix LookBook 04:




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IMG_4399 (1)

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Mustard and Vein






Big Black Leaf


Girls Girls Girls


Gold Coin



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LOCATION: Jaekel House

PHOTOGRAPHY: Kevin Abangwu

DIRECTORS: ‘Pemi Aguda, Adesola Falomo

MODELS: Bolaji Ogunrosoye, Karen Ginigeme, Seyi Oluboba




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