MEET MOBOLAJI : The artist and her collages.

By TwentySix | Comments: 0 | December 23, 2020

Meet Mobolaji! The artist behind the Age of License collage.

Mobolaji is a long time friend of Twentysix and an artist whose work we love and follow. She is a mixed-media artist, architect, stylish woman and just an all-round cool babe!

Her art practice is centered around the use of Collage and Photography to explore the self, and the impact of societal influences on personal identity and the lived experiences of being a young, Yoruba, Nigerian woman.

Mobolaji’s work explores female censorship; questioning why only certain aspects of the female body and emotion are deemed acceptable in society. Her work functions to examine physicality and emotion by observing daily life and general landscapes and documenting these observations over time.  These documentations allow her to re-imagine Universes where versions of herself are oblivious to Society’s expectations on the ideal female body and way of existing.  –

Bolaji Ogunrosoye


Who/what are your biggest influences?

Artists are my biggest influences. Artists in music, fashion, film. People who push boundaries on what ideas are and execute them, inspire me to also do the same

Your work focuses on themes around feminist and self. Has this always been or have your work evolved to explore these themes? Is this personal to you and why?

My work is extremely personal to me. I have always toyed around with Art and collage but it really came together for me as my medium because it helped me express myself at a time when I was struggling with societal and cultural expectations. I’ve evolved from this place but my work still acts as a medium to express female dissent.

What is freedom to you?

Freedom to me is being able to be myself and express myself. It means being able to make my own decisions and do the things I want to do. It means living for me. 

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What was the inspiration and design process  for the collages you created for our collection, Age of License?

I love trying new things and playing with ideas. When I was asked to make  collages for the collection, I was really inspired by the ideas behind it. So I spent a month looking at images, without any preconceived idea of what I wanted to do, to see what would come to me. I came across vintage magazine covers, stamps, postcards, and decided that I wanted the collages to be really playful and layered.

I also wanted them to feel really handmade even though there is a digital element to them, and so I made stamps that I felt were tied to the idea behind the collection, and created paper textures by manipulating paper.

What show/shows have you been watching lately?

Girlfriends. I watch this show every quarter so it was bound to show up here. Also, I’m watching a South African show now called How to Ruin Christmas and it is the most refreshing thing I’ve seen in months.

Catch up with Mobolaji on her Instagram and website

Photography by Femi Yilu

What Mobolaji wore:

Black Wide-Leg Pants
Grey Wide-leg Pants
Orange Linen Box Top
Apron Dress in Irin-Ajo
Floret Dress in Orange

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