We are a fashion brand for women and men who want practical, simple and stylish clothing. With thoughtful design, attention to detail and distinct fabric, our pieces enable you to move through your days looking and feeling your best – free, comfortable, and elegant without the constraints of trends.


Growing up, my mother’s first business venture was sewing pyjamas for her co-workers’ children while her older sister (the first entrepreneur in the family) started out making clothes. This is something I’ve always been drawn to. Years ago, I borrowed my cousin’s sewing machine, though I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, I just knew I wanted to make my own clothes. I made simple skirts for myself and friends – one of them said “hey, you could make this work.” And like that, she planted the idea that this could be something bigger. I started taking the work more seriously.

TwentySix is a form of expression. There’s a lot of my personal style in the brand. At first, I was worried that not enough people would share those tastes, but it resonated and a community started budding. We invite the creative and the expressive with their uniqueness, simplicity and complexities.

TwentySix started with friends in mind and it’s still about friendship. We make our clothing with this at heart – love, community and good intentions. I want you to feel comfortable when you wear our clothing, to feel that TwentySix goodness.

We want you to dress up and express yourself out there without limitations.

With love xx.

PS: Remember the machine I “borrowed” from my cousin? It still lives and is used in production till today.


Hello! I’m Desola. I started TwentySix a few years ago, a month before my birthday. I had just started a new job and picked up something I didn’t think would be more than a hobby. Now, we have grown to a community of men and women who share love for comfortable and timeless clothing..
Desola Falomo