Product Care Guide

Product Care Guide.

General Care

As general care for all fabric types, we recommend dry cleaning or Hand-washing. Use a gentle cycle for machine wash and always wash with a gentle soap or detergent to preserve the fibers. We also, recommend air-drying away from direct sunlight.

Ironing should be in low-medium heat except for organza and silk where only low heat is recommended. For the heavily printed fabric, we recommend avoiding ironing directly on the surface.

Care Guide for Linen

TwentySix linen pieces are made from a high-quality selection and will last for a long time with proper care. We recommend dry-cleaning or hand washing with only mild soap. Linen becomes soft with every wash; you may apply starch occasionally if your preference is a stiffer material. Always iron on low-medium heat. To prevent shrinkage, avoid washing or drying in a
machine. Hang dry, away from direct sunlight.

Care Guide for Tie-dye /Batik

TwentySix tie-dye pieces are made from quality cotton Funtua fabric or Linen fabric that has undergone a hand-dying process to create their
unique print pattern using the fabric resist method or batik method. Care is  the same as linen.

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