By TwentySix | Comments: 0 | September 28, 2018


The shape of power is always the same; it is the shape of a tree. Root to tip, central trunk branching and re-branching, spreading wider in ever-thinner, searching fingers. The shape of power is the outline of a living thing straining outward, sending its fine tendrils a little further, and a little further yet. this is the shape.


Rafeeat. A fierce friend. Easy like Sunday morning. Her power is with her words, how she writes them. Very few imagine like Rafeeat, her stories are wild and without boundaries. Free.


Looks featured in this campaign will be available for pre-order at our pop-up on 6th of October and online from the 10th of October.

Muse: Rafeeat Aliyu

Photography: Immaculatta Abba

Videography: Ademola Falomo

Creative Direction: Adesola Falomo

Quote is from the book, The Power by Naomi Alderman

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