Sister Friend

By TwentySix | Comments: 0 | April 12, 2019

It all started with a photo the sisters shared over the holiday. Ope and Tobi in matching dresses from TwentySix. It was reminiscent of our brand story– how we started for friends and still here with friends in mind. We let their relationship inspire us even more and now, we want to share that with you.


Clothing featured in order of appearance:
Lazy Dress
V-Neck Button Down Dress
Check Dress
Shimmy Dress
Purple Show-up Dress
Abstract Over-sized Jacket I
Primary Colours Over-sized Jacket

Muse: Ope Adedeji , Tobi Adedeji
Photography: Adesola Falomo
Videography: Ademola Falomo
Location: Bams Park

Thank you, Ope & Tobi!

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