We Interview: The Ultimate TwentySix Woman

By TwentySix | Comments: 0 | April 21, 2016

”We had just met and I remember seeing her sketches of female swimsuits.  They looked really different from the regular one piece (I hear it’s now called monokini) or bikinis. She casually mentioned that she had plans to perhaps one day, produce those on a commercial scale. I’m sure I thought ‘Ah people are creative oh, while I’m just here trying to finish this LL.B degree’. That was many moons ago. Swim wear is not yet a part of TwentySix label, but hey, we don’t know what she has up her sleeves.

When TwentySix launched, a part of me was not surprised.

Ok, I was surprised actually. It’s one thing when someone takes up sewing lessons while on holiday in Nigeria. It’s another thing when in just under two years of taking those lessons, her brand has become a popular #BuyNigerian label, endorsed by fashion bloggers and fashionistas within and outside Nigeria. So yes, I was surprised.

I’m so excited to feature the brain behind the amazing TwentySix story – Adesola Falomo. She’s cried a lot of times for TwentySix, describes her ideal Nigerian man as Creative and Monogamous and despite the crazy issues in Lagos, she thinks it’s the greatest city in the world.”


Interviewed by Kachi Tila-Adesina.

Originally posted on Kacheetee.com, 13th April, 2016.

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